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God by Any Other Name is still God

Christian apologists often resort to red herrings.The so-called 'intelligent designer' is the latest Christian craze. Predominantly an American phenomenon, this rehash of Paley's “Blind Watchmaker” argument is an unscientific money-maker designed to supplant or compete with the teaching of evolution in classrooms. At least Paley was honest about his motives – those who testify on behalf of ID are not honest about the identity of the so-called 'intelligent designer' when they refuse to speculate on the identity of (God).

"In his 139-page opinion, Jones reviews the history of intelligent design. He declares: "The overwhelming evidence at trial established that intelligent design is a religious view, a mere re-labelling of creationism, and not a scientific theory.""

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The comment section will be used as a glossary, obviating some of the need to move around the site. If the website’s name shows as blue, you can return to the main page by clicking on “Godspell Follies” or “Home”.

idism = intelligent design theory
idist = intelligent design proponent, for example Behe or Dembski
fodi = fellow of the Discovery Institute, one of the organizations set up for the purpose of promoting intelligent design theory
proid = advocate of intelligent design theory, often an Internet debater

For a full explanation of these terms, see the Illogical Deceit Theory post at: http://refutingid.blogspot.com/2007/12/illogical-deceit-theory.html

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